Broken Bow Facts and Statistics


Broken Bow Facts and Statistics

City: Broken Bow

County: McCurtain


Data from the 2020 population census places the Broken Bow population at 4,261. Approximately, 12.30% of the population of McCurtain County resides in Broken Bow.

Area 1970 1980 1990 2022
City 2,980 3,965 3,961 4,261
County 28,642 36,151 33,433 34,402
30 Mile-rad. N/A N/A 34,600 35,600

Percent Distributions of the Population by Race -2020

In Broken Bow, 55.7% of the population is white, 16.27% Native American, 8.8% Black or African American, 4.2% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 0.68% Asian, Other race: 3.74%, 10.6% Two or more races.

Labor Force

The McCurtain County labor force was 15,025 in 2020. Participation rate in the county labor force constitutes 65.89% of males and 45.15% of females.

City Labor Force Factor Male Female Total
Civilian Labor Force (1990) 847 695 1,542
Employed (1990) 768 610 1,378
Unemployed persons within 30 miles (2000) 120 100 220


Broken Bow has a moderate climate with an average of 50 inches of rain annually and 4 inches of snow. The average number of flying days is 347.

General Government

Broken Bow has a Statutory Council-Manager form of government. The Council consists of four council members and one mayor. Four members are elected from their ward and one is elected at-large.

Public Safety

Broken Bow has 10 full-time fire personnel, 3 relief fire personnel, 10 volunteer fire personnel and 19 full-time police officers. The city’s fire insurance has a 2/2Y classification while the adjacent area has a 4/10 classification.

Utility Providers

Utility services are provided primarily by the following carriers:

Electric– Public Service Co. of Oklahoma and Broken Bow Electric
Natural Gas– Oklahoma Natural Gas
Telephone – Pine Telephone Co.

Water System

Broken Bow is a regional supplier. The system is gravity flow with bottom of clear well, elevation 750 ft.

Storage Capacity Average Daily Consumption Pressure in Mains Source
Ground: 2,000,000 GPD 4,500,000 GPD 100+ psi Broken Bow Lake
Elevated: 2,500,000 GPD      

Treatment plant can produce 9,000,000 gpd.

Utility Providers

Sanitation and Sewage Treatment

Broken Bow has an extended aeration system of treatment. The city’s sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 90% of capacity and is under expansion.

Sewer Treatment Capacity and Load

Measurement Capacity Present Load
Gallons per day 1,200,000 600,000
Population Equivalent 10,000 5,000

Express and Motor Freight

There are at least 10 motor freight companies which serve Broken Bow on an as-needed basis. One express carrier operates a terminal in the City. United Parcel Service is also available.

Distance to Major Cities

Oklahoma is centrally located in the U.S. The distance from Broken Bow to the following cities is:

City Miles to City Miles
Atlanta 667 Memphis 302
Chicago 773 New Orleans 459
Dallas 177 New York 1,383
Denver 825 Oklahoma City 211
Detroit 994 San Francisco 1,822
Houston 364 St. Louis 488
Kansas City 419 Seattle 2,111
Los Angeles ,530 Tulsa 223

Air Transportation

The nearest commercial airport is 68 miles from Broken Bow at Paris, Texas. Metro Airlines serves the airport there.


Water Transportation

The nearest water transportation is the Port of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. It is 135 miles from Broken Bow and has a channel depth of 9 feet. It is connected via the Arkansas River to the Mississippi river and the Gulf of Mexico.

Road System

Broken Bow is located at the intersection of US 70, US 259, and SH 3. The nearest interstate highway is 1-30, approximately 62 miles to the South.


The city has 6 motels with 250 rooms.


Broken Bow has 1,652 dwellings; 49.6% are owner-occupied. Rental housing is readily available.

Places of Worship

Broken Bow has 30 Protestant churches.


McCurtain County has 2 newspapers and 2 radio stations.

Tax Structure

Broken Bow’s property tax rate is $90.03 per $1,000 assessed value for the year 2000-2001. The fractional assessment percentage for real property is 11.00% and for personal property; 11.00%. The property tax is distributed as follows:

City County School Other Total
$0.00 $35.50 $55.03 $0.00 $90.53

Sales Taxes

The city has a sales tax rate of 3%. In addition, the state levies a 4.5% tax rate on sales. McCurtain County levies a 1.75% sales tax.

Commercial Services

From the city the nearest machine shop, tool , and die services or electric and motor repair services are 13 miles away.


Educational Resources

Broken Bow has 4 primary and secondary schools with approximately 1,850 students and 152 teachers. Broken Bow has access to the Kiamichi Technology Center and E.T. Dunlap Higher Learning Center. There is a public library in Broken Bow with 40,000 volumes. 


Broken Bow has 34.89 miles of fiber optic cable with one point of presence available. There are 5 central offices with digital switching capability.

Financial Institutions

Broken Bow has 3 banks with assets totaling 

Medical Facilities and Medical Practitioners

There are 4 clinics in Broken Bow. There is 1 nursing home with 100 beds. Practicing in the Broken Bow area are 2 medical doctors, 2 osteopaths, 1 chiropractor, 2 dentists, and 1 optometrist. The nearest hospital to Broken Bow is 12 miles away.

Recreational Facilities

The citizens of Broken Bow have access to a number of recreational facilities. The city has a beautiful 40-acre park with a stocked fishing pond, walking track, horseshoes, volleyball, basketball courts, and a splash pad. The city has numerous baseball fields with a youth complex of 8 baseball/softball fields.

Other Attractions

Within 10 miles of Broken Bow, there is Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park.



The employment and establishment data reported in the following table is for McCurtain County. It should be noted that this employment data excludes some types of employment, namely government and railroad employment.

Sector # of Establishments # Employed
Forestry, Fishing, Hunting & Ag Support 52 387
Mining 3 29
Utilities 6 35
Construction 33 203
Manufacturing 25 3,112
Wholesale Trade 29 248
Retail Trade 130 1,122
Transportation & Warehousing 30 317
Information 13 118
Finance & Insurance 40 236
Real Estate & Rental & Leasing 14 20-99
Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services 33 383
Management of Companies & Enterprises   0-20
Admin., Support, Waste Mgt., Remediation Services 12 315
Educational Services 2 20-99
Health Care and Social Assistance 49 1,123
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation 7 20-99
Accommodation & Food Services 45 470
Other Services (except public admin.) 60 234
Total: 594 8,498

Major Employers

Major Employers Product/Service # Employed
Tyson Foods Poultry Processing 1250
Weyerhaeuser Lumber 360
SETCO Tire Production 100
Broken Bow Public Schools Education Services 134
Dominance Industries FiberBoard 155
JMHuber Oriental Strand Broad 165
Jimmy Tucker Trucking Nationwide Common Carrier 80
Daryl Thomason Trucking Nationwide Common Carrier 200

Other Community Information

Broken Bow is a Capital Improvement Planning City.

Local Development Organization

Broken Bow Economic Development
Vickie Patterson
210 N Broadway St
Broken Bow, Oklahoma 74728
Phone: 580-584-2885
Fax: 580-584-6898



All Authorities

Municipal Court

From landscaping conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site newal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction.

Public Works Authority

From landscaping conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site newal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction.

Kulli Chito Environmental Trust Authority 

From landscaping conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site newal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction.

Economic Development Authority

From landscaping conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site newal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction.


All Departments

Code Enforcement

The Department of Code Enforcement is the City of Broken Bow entity responsible for enforcing city codes. Infractions include, but are not limited to , zoning violations, overgrown lots and yards...

Senior Citizens Center

The George Puckett Nutrition and Senior Center opened March 2003 and employs six personnel. It is a lovely 6000sq ft facility, located on the edge of the pond, in the beautiful city park.

Park and Recreation Department

The Broken Bow City Parks Department has 4 employees that maintain the Broken Bow City Park, the Broken Bow Youth Complex and the Lilly Mae Young Park along with other city buildings, airport and the Broken Bow Cemetery.

Street and Sanitation Department

The Street and Sanitation Departments have a total of thirteen employees with which we maintain, build, and asphalt the roads and remove residential and commercial refuse within the city limits.

Police Department

The men and women of the Broken Bow Police Department are committed to enhance the quality of life and lessen the criminal fears of all citizens by aggressively pursuing all criminals, patrolling all city

Fire & Rescue Department

The City of Broken Bow's Fire Department, with an I.S.O rating of class 2, is deeply committed to customer service, and is responsible for protecting life and property from the hazards of fire,

Broken Bow Municipal Airport

The airport is located just west of Broken Bow, on Rodeo Road. It has an elevation of 403.2 ft, is asphalt covered, has a 3200 ft lighted runway and a fixed base operator along with being listed by the FAA Mapping Service.

Public Library

In 1972, our library became part of the Choctaw Nation County Library System. This later became known as the Southeastern Public Library System

Dierks Train #227

The little logging mike that sets at Broken Bow, OK next to the crossing of the TO&E R.R. and highway 259 was the last steam locomotive to operate in McMcurtain county.

Water Department

Our raw water source is from Broken Bow Lake. Broken Bow Lake is known as the cleanest and clearest lake in Oklahoma.

Municipal Court

The Broken Bow Municipal Court room and Office of the Court Clerk are both located in the City Hall building


Our facility is permitted to accept household and Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste, as well as brush and metal.

Land (sq mi)




Our City Officials

Grandville Jett

Grandville Jett

Ward 1

Sue Norrid

Sue Norrid


Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson


Tim Rothstein

Tim Rothstein

Ward 4

Jerry Don Smith

Jerry Don Smith

At Large / Mayor

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