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About Kulli Chito Environmental Trust Authority

A Trust of the City of Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Dennis Clouse, Manager
McCurtain County, Oklahoma • Permit # 3545008
1565 Joe Hough Rd • Broken Bow, Oklahoma 74728-3936
(580) 584-9445 • Fax: (580) 584-6047
Chairman: Drew Anderson

Welcome to the Kulli Chito Environmental Authority. We have been working to expand our site in order to better meet the needs of the community.

Phase 4 of our expansion was finished in the Spring of 2009. New Phase 5 expansion completed 2019.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
– Opening Time: 7:00 a.m.
– Scales Closing Time: 3:30 p.m.
– Gates Closing Time: 4:00 p.m.
– Closed Saturday & Sunday

If you have a project that requires extended hours, please contact the business office to make arrangements. At this time we observe all Federal Holidays and are closed on these days. Please call ahead if you have a question.

Tipping Fee

All acceptable waste may be dumped at a fee of $30.00* per ton at this time. Minimum tipping fee is $10.00. Tipping Fee Holidays when open is $55.00 per ton. See below for a list of acceptable waste. *Fees are subject to change.

  • 20 Yard per dump (4 ton weight limit) $270
  • 20 Yard deposit $270
  • 30 Yard per dump (7 ton weight limit) $270
  • 30 Yard deposit $395
  • Overweight Fee (per ton) $51
  • Over 14 days non dump fee per day $15
  • Out of town drop fee $55

Acceptable Waste

Our facility is permitted to accept household and Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste, as well as brush and metal. If you have a question regarding whether or not your waste can be accepted, call the business office.

Below is a listing of waste that we cannot accept:

Radioactive Waste
Regulated PCB
Regulated Untreated Infectious Biomedical Waste
Regulated Hazardous Waste
All loads will be tarped or covered and will be subject to random inspections to ensure that waste received are as represented by the generator.

All Departments

Code Enforcement

The Department of Code Enforcement is the City of Broken Bow entity responsible for enforcing city codes. Infractions include, but are not limited to , zoning violations, overgrown lots and yards...

Senior Citizens Center

The George Puckett Nutrition and Senior Center opened March 2003 and employs six personnel. It is a lovely 6000sq ft facility, located on the edge of the pond, in the beautiful city park.

Park and Recreation Department

The Broken Bow City Parks Department has 4 employees that maintain the Broken Bow City Park, the Broken Bow Youth Complex and the Lilly Mae Young Park along with other city buildings, airport and the Broken Bow Cemetery.

Street and Sanitation Department

The Street and Sanitation Departments have a total of thirteen employees with which we maintain, build, and asphalt the roads and remove residential and commercial refuse within the city limits.

Police Department

The men and women of the Broken Bow Police Department are committed to enhance the quality of life and lessen the criminal fears of all citizens by aggressively pursuing all criminals, patrolling all city

Fire & Rescue Department

The City of Broken Bow's Fire Department, with an I.S.O rating of class 2, is deeply committed to customer service, and is responsible for protecting life and property from the hazards of fire,

Broken Bow Municipal Airport

The airport is located just west of Broken Bow, on Rodeo Road. It has an elevation of 403.2 ft, is asphalt covered, has a 3200 ft lighted runway and a fixed base operator along with being listed by the FAA Mapping Service.

Public Library

In 1972, our library became part of the Choctaw Nation County Library System. This later became known as the Southeastern Public Library System

Dierks Train #227

The little logging mike that sets at Broken Bow, OK next to the crossing of the TO&E R.R. and highway 259 was the last steam locomotive to operate in McMcurtain county.

Water Department

Our raw water source is from Broken Bow Lake. Broken Bow Lake is known as the cleanest and clearest lake in Oklahoma.

Municipal Court

The Broken Bow Municipal Court room and Office of the Court Clerk are both located in the City Hall building


Our facility is permitted to accept household and Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste, as well as brush and metal.

Land (sq mi)




Our City Officials

Grandville Jett

Grandville Jett

Ward 1

Sue Norrid

Sue Norrid


Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson


Tim Rothstein

Tim Rothstein

Ward 4

Jerry Don Smith

Jerry Don Smith

At Large / Mayor

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